We’ll Make Your Wheels Look New Again!

If you have damaged, bent or scratched alloy (aluminum) wheels, we can make them look brand new for much less than buying new wheels. Save money and your car by contacting us for a quote.

Our alloy wheel repair specialists will take your damaged original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels to “as new” condition without compromising safety, quality, or fit. We believe it’s our skilled craftsmanship, expertise and attention to detail in alloy wheel refinishing that makes us different than our competitors.

When you can’t go new… go Reid’s and keep it original.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Cosmetic wheel repair

Is the paint chipping off due to wear and tear? We’ll fix the paint, curb scratches, faded/dull clear coats, dents and gouges.

Bent wheel repair

If you’ve damaged your alloy wheel due to hitting a pothole or a curb, there may be more damage than you can see. We’ll fix the bend before your start loosing air.

Wheel customization

Want custom colour or two-tone paint? We can create special paint finishes, blackout packages, custom pin striping, and much more!

Customer Service

At Reid’s, we take pride in ensuring the best customer service for all our clients. We go above and beyond by expediting delivery, offering quick turnaround, and placing specialty orders. It is our desire to establish a solid working relationship with our customers. We invite you to compare our products and talk to our customers.

Green Guarantee

At Reid’s, being environmentally friendly is important to us.

That’s why we use low-VOC waterborne paint, and incorporate both recyclable/reusable practices in all aspects of your wheel repair. It’s our Green guarantee!

Approved ICBC Wheel Repair Facility

Reid’s is proud to be one of FIVE approved alloy wheel repair facilities in British Columbia. We’ve achieved this important certification by meeting strict equipment standards, quality testing and facility checks.

If you’re looking for quality, then look no further than Reid’s!

About Reid’s

Reid’s Alloy Wheel Repair is a division of Reid’s Automotive Recycling Ltd. – a family-owned business with a 22-year history of supplying the Lower Mainland with quality, pre-owned, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto parts.

Stuart and Teresa Reid founded the company in 1995. The couple’s sons, Josh and Matt, learned the family business at a young age and have now dedicated their careers to it. Josh handles the wheel repair division of the company and Matt focuses on sales and management.

To learn more about Reid’s Automotive Recycling, visit the website here.