What is your process for restoring alloy wheels?

At Reid’s, we take great pride in providing you with the highest quality alloy wheel repair. Here’s a quick overview of our process:

  • Step 1: We visually assess damage and compare the cost of purchasing new wheels to ensure customers get the best deal for their dollars.
  • Step 2: We check the wheel for cracks or bends.
  • Step 3: We wash and prepare the wheel for paint.
  • Step 4: We paint and clean the wheels before putting them through an accelerated curing process.
  • Step 5: We mount and balance tire/s and package up wheel for protection.

What can I expect my wheels to look like when they are done?

After our team of wheel experts has finished repairing your wheels, you can rest assured that your wheels will look brand new, with new finishing coats and colour as per the original manufacture.

How long will it take to repair my alloy wheel(s)?

Once we have your wheels in-house, it typically only takes our team 24-48 hours to repair your wheels – not including your special finishes or custom designs.

Why should I repair my alloy wheels instead of buying new ones?

Repairing your alloy wheels is cheaper than buying replacements, and in some cases, replacement wheels may not be available. Plus, repairing your damaged alloy wheels is environmentally friendlier, which is always a good thing!

Do you need to keep my car while you repair the alloy wheels?

No. We do not have the facility to keep your vehicle. We repair the wheel, not the vehicle. In order to fix the alloy wheel, we require the wheel and the tire – separate from the vehicle.